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Our Des Moines Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help You If You Have Been Injured At Work

No matter your chosen occupation, there is the potential threat of injury every time you are on the job. Even the simplest tasks can lead to serious injuries if something unexpected happens. When you are hurt at work, you need a law firm team that understands the particular challenges of filing a workers’ compensation claim.

At Loney & Schueller, LLC, our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience protecting the best interests and fighting for the rights of those injured on the job. We understand the system’s intricacies and are ready to guide you through potential obstacles to get or maximize your compensation. From our West Des Moines office, we represent injured workers across Iowa who need help with a workers’ compensation claim.

Legal Advocacy Focused On Your Needs To Protect Your Health

Our attorneys feel strongly about helping any injured worker in any industry in Iowa. The workers’ compensation process remains the same no matter your chosen occupation. The extent of your injuries, getting treatment for those injuries, as well as compensation to help deal with medical bills and missed wages while out of work are the things we are most concerned about when we take your case. Our goal is to help you focus on what really matters: Your recovery.

Whether your workers’ comp benefits were denied or you wish to know your options to recover compensation after an accident at the workplace, we want to listen to your case. We provide legal services across a variety of industries, as follows:

  • Manufacturing: We regularly represent injured workers from John Deere.
  • Health care: Our attorneys assist health care professionals injured while fulfilling their duties.
  • Transportation: We strive to protect the rights of injured truck drivers and assist them in getting the benefits they deserve.
  • Retail and hospitality: We routinely represent workers who are injured while working in stores and hotels throughout the state.
  • Volunteer firefighters: At our law firm, we also recognize the valuable contribution of volunteer firefighters and provide them with compassionate and seasoned legal representation services.

We will evaluate your situation and options during an initial consultation with us and discuss your rights in detail. We also have experience in cases involving employees injured while working out of state. Moreover, you don’t pay our fees unless we recover your compensation.

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