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Helping Injured Des Moines Workers Impacted By Nurse Case Manager Violations

Receiving medical care after a workplace injury in Iowa can be a real challenge. After reporting the injury, the workers’ compensation process will be in effect. This means that there are specific requirements that your employer’s insurance company may place upon the care you receive. Often, this means that your care will be “supervised” by a nurse case manager.

Nurse case managers play very large roles in workers’ compensation claims. They discuss the treatment plan with doctors and also may attempt to influence the decisions that the treating physician makes. The harsh truth is that the insurance adjuster determining your claim settlement, the doctor treating you and the nurse case manager overseeing your medical care are not independent. They owe their paychecks to your employer’s insurance company. Often their primary goal is to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

If you have been injured on the job, it’s important to work with a law firm that understands your injuries and knows how to help you get the medical care you need to return to health. At Loney & Schueller, LLC, our Des Moines workers’ comp lawyers handle workplace injury cases for clients across Iowa. We are ready to help you stand up to nurse case managers who are pushing you to get back to work before you have gained the treatment you need to recover from your injuries.

We Are Experienced Nurse Case Manager Violations Lawyers

If you are having problems with your nurse case manager in Des Moines or anywhere in Iowa, you have the right to stand up for yourself. You may question some of the procedures that are put in place to aid your recovery or request that additional testing be done to ensure that the extent of your injuries is fully known.

Because these nurses represent the insurance company’s interests, it might be difficult to get them to develop a plan that’s focused on your specific needs. We can help with that. Our lawyers can work with you to understand what has happened in your case and get you the care you need. We are a team of experienced Iowa workers’ compensation attorneys who understand how the system works and how to use leverage to help you get maximum care and benefits from the system.

We do not refer out our cases or pass our clients around to associate attorneys or paralegals. At Loney & Schueller, you get direct access and personalized attention. No matter where you are in the state, we are ready to come to you.

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When you have been injured on the job in Iowa, there is no reason to put up with an unfair workers’ comp nurse case manager or insurance adjuster fighting against injured workers. We are ready to step in and help. We will travel to any community in Iowa to help you fight for full and fair monetary damages. Call us toll-free at 515-416-4006 or use our convenient contact page email form to arrange a free consultation.