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Work-Related Burn Injuries

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Helping Des Moines Workers Who Have Suffered Burn Injuries

Work-related burn injuries often leave workers with physical and emotional scars. Depending on how burns heal, a person’s mobility may be permanently impaired. Burns are extremely painful and expensive to treat.

If you have been burned in a workplace accident, you are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits to cover the cost of your medical treatment and lost wages. If the burns have resulted in the loss of use of a part of your body, you are entitled to pursue compensation for temporary or permanent partial disability.

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Common Workplace Burn Injuries

The most common types of burns at work are thermal, scalding, chemical and electrical burns. Although burns can occur in any occupation, workers in the following fields are more likely to suffer a burn injury:

  • Construction workers
  • Restaurant and fast-food workers
  • Volunteer firefighters
  • Chemical plant workers
  • Paper mill workers
  • Automobile and trucking industry workers

To ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve, it is important to have a workers’ compensation lawyer by your side. Our lawyers understand the workers’ compensation process and how to maximize your compensation.

Scarring From Workplace Burns

Scarring is the result of a body healing itself. A scar is a buildup of excess collagen tissue that the body creates to try and protect the affected areas. Three types of scars can develop:

Keloid scars – Keloid scars are created by an overgrowth of collagen tissue. They are raised and may range in color. Keloids can be distinguished from hypertrophic scars because they grow beyond the area that was originally burned.

Hypertrophic scars – Hypertrophic scars are recognizable because they are red and raised. They are confined to the site of the burn injury.

Burn scar contractures – Burn scar contractures refer to the tightening of the skin as the tissue surrounding the affected area pulls together to heal. These are commonly associated with severe burn injuries and must be treated carefully.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits To Treat Burn Injuries

Severe burns require a great deal of care to prevent infection and minimize scarring. Once a person has recovered from the initial burn, surgery, and skin grafts may be needed to improve the range of motion and other burn complications. Because burn injuries are so traumatizing, a person may also need psychological care.

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