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Obtaining Temporary Disability Benefits In Iowa After A Work Injury

If you suffered a work-related injury or illness while working in Iowa, you probably qualify for medical treatment and weekly cash benefits paid through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If your injuries take you off the job temporarily, you have the right to seek payment for temporary disability while you are out of work or if you return to work at a reduced earning capacity while you continue recovery.

Temporary disability payments will be made until your doctor signs off that you have achieved maximum medical recovery or can return to work in full or partial capacity. If your doctor says you can go back to work, but you don’t agree or your nurse case manager is expecting too much, we can provide you with the representation you need to obtain the compensation you deserve.

We Are Your One-Stop Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

We do not refer out our cases or pass our clients around to associate attorneys or paralegals. At Loney & Schueller, in West Des Moines, you get direct access and personalized attention from an experienced attorney who understands how temporary disability benefits work.

Our lawyers represent injured workers in communities throughout Iowa. No matter where you are in the state, we are ready to come to you. We help with all issues connected to workers’ compensation claims in Iowa, including:

  • What to do after a workplace injury
  • Paid medical treatment
  • How we can help with a denied claim
  • Types of settlements available
  • Permanent disability and lump-sum payments
  • The tie between your permanent disability and Social Security payments
  • Money available through Iowa’s Second Injury Fund

We do not ask for any money upfront from our clients. We get paid only a low percentage of the monetary damages we help you recover in a workers’ comp settlement. If we can’t help you obtain a settlement, you will not pay lawyers’ fees. By helping them get maximum money benefits from every available option, we often help our clients receive significantly more money than if they had not hired us. Even after our fees, our clients generally come out ahead of where they would have been if they had tried to handle the claim themselves.

Talk To Our Lawyers About Obtaining The Benefits You Deserve

Workers’ compensation insurers are like any other insurance company. They do not automatically agree to the money you are entitled to. We will prepare all documentation to help you get your claim approved as efficiently as possible.

Don’t let the insurance company add insult to your injury — put Loney & Schueller on your side. We will travel to any community in Iowa to help you fight for full and fair monetary damages. Call us at 515-416-4006 or use our convenient Contact page email form to arrange a free consultation. Remember – you pay NO attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict.