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What Workers' Compensation Insurers Don't Want You to Know

After being injured on the job, it is difficult to know what to expect. Once you report your injury and your initial claim is filed you will begin working with a workers' compensation insurer.

How noisy is your workplace?

Many adults begin to suffer from some form of hearing loss before middle age. This is normal, and it is usually only children and teenagers who can hear the so-called mosquito tones on cellphones and other devices, which are so high-pitched that adults’ ears cannot detect them. However, your hearing can become damaged beyond what is normal for your age if you experience regular exposure to loud noise. You and other Iowa residents should be aware of the potential for hearing loss if you work in a loud industry.

Many industries typically involve a high level of noise, particularly the following:

  • Construction
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Factories
  • Music venues
  • Bars

Work Injuries Can Occur at Some of Our Favorite Fall Destinations

It's that wonderful time of the year in Central Iowa where fall finally hits...and we spend our weekends at the pumpkin patches & apple orchards. As we enjoy the afternoons on hayrack rides and playing in the corn bin...it might surprise you to discover how many employees are needed to operate a pumpkin patch or orchard.

Is Your Employer Not Recognizing Fall Hazards?

There are many hidden hazards around the workplace...ones that sometimes you can't always account for...however, enacting proper safety precautions around areas where a fall might occur is NOT one of them.