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A Heightened Sense of Risk

One of the more dangerous professions is anyone that involves working with heights. Falls are unfortunately all too common. Even a fall from a height of just over 2 feet carries a major risk of a serious injury.

The Employer Failed His Employees

Sometimes...it's not faulty equipment...it's not a "freak" accident...it's not an accidental fall...sometimes, a work-related injury is directly caused due to the actions/inactions of the employer.  

You Can Easily See Why Accidents Involving Falling Equipment Have Increased

Falling equipment and falls are two of the biggest injury risks an employee can face while on the job site.

Faulty Machinery Can Cause Major Injury

Just recently, we found a story of a worker at a recycling plant, who was going about his normal workday, when all of a sudden he felt a sharp jolt. Investigators are now looking into what happened with the machine he was using at the time. One of the theories is that the machine had not been properly maintained over time...it malfunctioned...and electrocuted the employee.

Are Elderly Workers More at Risk?

Farming accidents are very common, especially here in the Midwest. If you're employed on a farm, it would be in your best interest to check with your employer to ensure you're covered by workers' compensation.

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident?

In seconds, car accidents happen. However, those seconds can have a lasting impact on the victims and families. Injuries suffered in a car accident, due to driver negligence, can be extremely serious and leave individuals out of work and permanently disabled.

Unexpected Animal Encounters at the Workplace

When a store assistant went to work one morning, she had every notion that that workday was going to be just like any other...but it was far from it.