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Some Risks Aren't Always Apparent

Workers whose jobs include working in a loud environment, using repetitive motion or handling toxic materials such as asbestos suffer a high rate of occupational disease and disabilities. If you work in Iowa, chances are your occupation-related disability will be covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Maintenance Worker Critically Injured After Pillar Collapse

During what was expected to be a routine repair on a water leak at a golf course, a maintenance worker was critically injured after a pillar nearby loosened and fell on him.

State Fair Time Seems a Fitting Time For This Reminder

We'll all be heading out the Fair this weekend....looking forward to the corn dogs, apple eggrolls...of course, the lemonade, and everything else the Fair has year after year! 

4 mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Thousands of Iowa residents end up in car crashes every year. In 2015 alone, over 54,000 traffic crashes occurred, according to data from the state's Department of Transportation

In the event you end up in a traffic collision, you need to follow certain steps precisely. You need to avoid the following mistakes at all costs, or it will severely jeopardize your future claim. 

Fatal Accident on Iowa Wind Farm

They could almost be the new state bird of Iowa...the giant wind turbines you see when you head East...West...North...or South of Des Moines. More and more wind farms are appearing, and with the rush of getting the giant turbines in place, there is an increasing risk of accidents & work-related injuries.