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You Get Assigned Extra Hours...But at What Cost?

A recent work study found that those who work 40-49 hours a week are more at risk for an injury due to a work-related accident...and the risk continues to increase the more and more hours are spent on a job per week.

A Sore Shoulder Can Lead to Even More Issues

A shoulder injury sustained while on the job can be caused in several ways. Whether by blunt force, strain or repetitive stress, the injury may have been noticed on the spot, after you went home or it has just gotten worse over the years and never fully healed.

3 hazards in retail workplaces

If you have a retail job, chances are your workplace is not your favorite place in the world to be. Even if you are lucky to have good co-workers, working in retail can be a hassle. Whether you work at a clothing store, coffee shop, grocery store, auto store or any other type of retail establishment, you should be aware of the potential injuries you may get on the job.

Sometimes a retail job is not just mundane or frustrating. Serious accidents can occur. Here is a list of some ways you may get an injury while working in a retail environment.

One Electrical Accident at Work Can Forever Change Your Future

2 months ago, an employee suffered an incredibly painful 12,000-volt shock after coming in contact with a live wire at work. His recovery has been slow and painful...and had to have both hands amputated.

Here's a Reminder We Didn't Expect on April 6th

Usually, a topic like this would be reserved for December...January...February...maybe March. Not April though...not April 6th However, this winter never wants to leave Central Iowa, so here's a quick reminder...if you're working in cold, icy, snowy conditions, take extra care.