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Working...and Surviving the Holiday Shopping Season

Our hats are off to all those that work retail during the holiday season...we know it can't be easy. The amount of stress, hecticness, and extended hours can be very arduous...and it can place hard-working employees in risky conditions.

An Injury at the Workplace Got Even Worse Over Time

Last summer, an amusement park worker was operating a forklift while installing a new waterslide at their waterpark...then a freak accident occurred which resulted in a severe injury to his leg.

A "Heightened" Sense of Risk

One of the more dangerous professions is anyone that involves working with heights. Falls are unfortunately all too common. Even a fall from a height of just over 2 feet carries a major risk of a serious injury.

Mail Carriers Face Risks During This Busy Season

We are in full swing of the holiday shopping season, and with the influx of packages arriving through the mail, UPS, & FedEx, it's a good reminder that mail carriers face many hidden dangers when it comes to being injured while on the job.

We MUST Hold These Negligent Employers Accountable

For years and years, those of us committed to fighting for the rights of workers have asked the question "How do we get these negligent employers to finally get their act together?"

Safety Measures Must Be Heightened When Hiring Seasonal Help

During the holidays, many employers will employ more staff than usual to accommodate the holiday rush. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure extra safety measures are taken to maintain the safety of the extra staff.

Injured While Putting Up Holiday Decorations at the Work Place?

It's the holiday season, and with the holidays comes many businesses getting in the holiday spirit by putting up festive holiday lights & decorations. With those increased worker responsibilities, comes increased risks. 

Is a Loved One Showing Signs of a Brain Injury After a Work Accident?

If you hurt your head just while playing with your kids...you wouldn't let that pain and the effects to linger...so why would you suffer through the pain does an injury occurring at work.