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Helping Iowans Injured In Drunk Driving Accidents

It only takes one careless decision to shatter lives. A drunk driving crash will forever change the lives of its victims. If you are lucky enough to survive, you will face medical bills and rehabilitation costs that can be devastating. Families that lose a loved one to a drunk driver are left to pick up the pieces, with funeral costs and an empty seat at the table that will never be filled.

At Loney & Schueller, we are tenacious advocates for injured individuals and families. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience handling motor vehicle accident cases, we know how drunk driving accidents impact lives. Our attorneys work hard to maximize the compensation our clients receive. From our office in Des Moines, we represent clients throughout Iowa.

How Damages Work In Drunk Driving Claims

We take drunk driving accident claims seriously. We will not only help you obtain compensation for your medical costs, missed work, and pain and suffering, but we will also pursue punitive damages.

In Iowa, victims of drunk driving accidents may also recover punitive damages if it can be shown that a driver displayed a willful and wanton disregard for the rights or safety of others.

Pursuing Dram Shop Claims

Iowa also allows dram shop claims. Dram shop laws exist to discourage drinking establishments from prioritizing profit over public safety.

If we can show that the drunk driver was served alcohol at a bar or another drinking establishment when he or she was clearly intoxicated, we may also be able to obtain damages from the bar.

How We Approach Drunk Driving Claims

Whether pursuing an injury or wrongful death claim caused by drunk driving, we are meticulous in assembling your case. We begin by working quickly to gather evidence from the accident. We then use experts to reconstruct the accident, evaluate toxicology evidence and calculate the full economic impact of the accident.

You have suffered enough. Let our lawyers give you the peace of mind of knowing you have a powerful legal team working on your behalf. To learn more about how we can protect your rights, call our law office at 515-416-4006 or contact our firm online.