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No Helmet Could Impact Motorcycle Accident Claim

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Iowa is one of few states that do not have specific helmet laws for motorcyclists. Riders are not required to wear head protection, but certainly are encouraged to wear a helmet, eye and face protection, and protective clothing to reduce injuries.

Motorcyclists have the right to share the road with other motorists, who are required to act safely and take all measures to prevent harm from occurring to others sharing the road. However, when injury accidents happen involving a motor cycle and another vehicle, sometimes drivers claim they are not responsible for a motorcyclist’s injuries because he or she chose not to wear a protective helmet. In situations such as these, it is important for injured motorcycle accident victims to understand their rights and determine how helmet use will affect their claim for damages.

First of all, it is important to note that whether a person is wearing a helmet or not has no bearing on who is at fault in an accident. However, even if the driver of a car or truck is solely responsible for a collision with a motorcycle, keep in mind that partial responsibility may be attributed to the injured party who was not wearing a helmet.

For example, if a motorcyclist suffered a head injury and a broken limb in a motor vehicle accident, a jury may determine they were partially responsible for the head injury if they were not wearing a helmet, which may have conveyed some protection in the accident. This would lead to a percentage of fault being assigned to both the driver of a car and the motorcyclist, thereby reducing a claim for damages.

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