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Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | May 31, 2021 | Personal Injury

Three fourths of motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles with nearly 60 percent of accidents in Iowa occurring between the seasonal riding months of May through September.

Two thirds of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles violating a motorcycle rider’s right of way, which often occurs when drivers of cars and trucks execute a left turn at an intersection.

See Motorcycles

Distracted driving is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. When drivers do not pay attention, those on motorcycles are at high risk for an injury accident. It is important for drivers to take a closer look with more motorcyclists out on the road during the summer months.

Motorcyclists Do Their Part

Riders can also play a role in safety by always driving defensively, wearing safety gear, and dressing to be seen.

Drive Defensively

When approaching intersections, riders should never assume that they are seen by other motorists and should always be prepared to stop quickly or maneuver away from trouble. A motorcyclist typically has seconds to react in time in order to void an accident.

Wear Safety Equipment

Because accidents do happen, it is important to wear a helmet. Research shows that helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by nearly 70 percent and prevent 39 percent of fatalities so it is worth it to put on a helmet and insist any passengers do the same.

Because almost half of motorcycle accidents result in lower leg, knee, ankle and foot injuries, riders should not neglect to wear riding boots, which reduce open wound injuries by 90 percent and foot injures by 45 percent.

Wear Bright Clothing – Stand Out

All too often drivers of other vehicles report that they simply “did not see a motorcyclist” before a collision, underscoring how important it is to be seen. Wearing bright colored clothing is a good place to start as is turning on headlights and perhaps even revving an engine to not only be seen but also heard.

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