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Body Parts Matter

Iowa workers’ compensation law is established by the Iowa Legislature.

The rights of injured workers have been attacked, reduced, or eliminated the last ten years by Iowa’s elected officials.

It is more important than ever to find and obtain quality legal representation as the laws are becoming more complex for the injured worker.

It is most important to find and obtain quality legal representation as soon as possible as how the injured worker describes the specific injured body part is critical to the overall outcome of recovery.

The insurance company knows the rules but the injured worker does not. The insurance company has all the knowledge of how best to limit the recovery of an injured worker. Our law firm knows how to maximize the recovery of an injured worker.

Workers’ Compensation and Physical Injuries

Iowa’s workers’ compensation system provides specific financial benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries. Employees may receive workers’ comp benefits, including payment for:

  • All reasonable and necessary medical treatment, pain management, and rehabilitation for a work injury
  • Wage loss benefits for missed time from work or reduced earnings
  • Vocational retraining if the injury affects their ability to do their current job
  • Permanent disability benefits if the injury leads to permanent impairment

When a worker suffers an injury on the job, they should report it to their employer as soon as possible to start the workers’ compensation claims process. Workers should also seek prompt medical attention to have a doctor assess their injury and determine a treatment plan. Eventually, the treating physician will need to determine when the worker has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), the point at which further care will not meaningfully improve their condition.

How the Type of Injury Affects Compensation

Once the worker has reached MMI, they will be assigned an impairment rating based on the extent of their long-term disability and the parts of the body affected. This impairment rating will, in turn, determine the value of permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits from Iowa workers’ comp.

Insurers may calculate PPD benefits based on what’s called a scheduled member disability. A scheduled member disability means that a worker has either lost or suffered a functional impairment to a specific body part as a result of their injury. Scheduled members include fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, toes, feet, legs, eyes, hearing, and the face/head. Each scheduled member entitles a worker to a specific number of weeks of PPD benefits based on the percentage of impairment as assessed by a physician via a medical examination. In other words, the more critical the body part and the more drastically it is impaired, the more money the worker is owed.

How an Attorney Can Help You Maximize Your Benefits

Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit businesses that will fight hard to minimize their financial liability. They’ll do this by denying the existence of an injury or functional impairment and by contesting the degree of a worker’s disability. A workers’ compensation attorney from Loney & Schueller, LLC, can fight back against these tactics and demand the fair benefits you’re owed under the law. We’ll do this by:

  • Recovering evidence of the accident to prove the work-related nature of your injury should the insurance company contest liability
  • Working with your treating providers and medical experts to gather persuasive documentation and testimony to establish the extent of your impairment
  • Filing your workers’ compensation claim and requesting formal hearings to demand maximum financial benefits for you given your impairment
  • Advocating on your behalf in workers’ comp hearings to establish the nature of your injuries and your rights to compensation as defined by Iowa’s workers’ compensation law 

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