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Personal injury and workers’ compensation: What’s the difference?

A workplace injury or illness is never expected, and its ramifications can have you reeling. While you might be left unable to work, which can drastically reduce your income, exorbitant medical costs can come due, leaving you in a financial pinch. Many individuals who find themselves in this situation ask what legal action they can […]

Covering Medical Bills and Lost Wages After a Work Injury

When an employee is injured at work, they often have many concerns about how they will pay for medical bills to treat their injury and whether they will be paid if they miss work. Under the Iowa Workers Compensation Act, employees that are injured on the job or suffer occupational diseases, may be eligible for […]

Time Limit to File an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you are injured at work, it is important to report the injury to your employer promptly or risk being denied workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, an employee must provide their employer notice of an injury within 90 days of its occurrence to be eligible for benefits. The 90 day period starts when an employee […]

Choosing Own Doctor Under Iowa Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured at your Iowa workplace, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Many who are injured wonder if they can choose their own doctor as a matter of convenience or perhaps because they feel like they can trust the advice of their own […]