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What Happens In A Personal Injury Case?

Very few people who come to us want to go to court. Generally, personal injury cases settle and do not proceed to court. However, you need an attorney who is prepared to take your case to trial if the insurance company is not willing to make a reasonable offer.

To settle your case or prepare for trial, your attorney will deal with the insurance company and the parties responsible for your harm to secure the compensation you need and deserve. To do that, your attorney will work with you to investigate your case to gather facts and documentation that will best position your argument.

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Gathering facts and documentation occurs during a phase of a case called discovery. During discovery, your attorney sends written questions, called interrogatories, to the other side. These questions will ask the other side about the facts of your case to clarify matters. It can also be helpful in determining whether going to trial is necessary.

The other side will most likely send interrogatories for you to answer. Additionally, your attorney and the other side will probably exchange documents along with these interrogatories.

Where necessary, you and the other party may also give statements under oath to discuss the issues in your case. These statements are called depositions.

You Do Not Have To Go It Alone: We Understand Your Fear.

All phases of litigation involve technical rules. You will need an experienced lawyer who understands these rules and how to navigate the complexities of litigation to ensure maximum recovery.

Not surprisingly, many people fear this system. It seems overwhelming. If you are afraid, we understand. We have helped people just like you to manage and overcome this fear and protect their rights.

At Loney & Schueller, we bring more than 50 years of combined legal experience to the table on every personal injury case we handle. For that reason, you can rely on us with confidence. You will know when we give you advice regarding settling your case or taking your case to court that you are receiving advice from attorneys who understand how the personal injury legal system works.

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