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Slick and Muddy Conditions Increase Risk of Accident

During the past few days, all of us in Central Iowa were treated to, finally, some spring-like weather...and many landscaping businesses began revving up their gear to get ready for, hopefully, more good weather to come.

It Takes Less Than a Second to See How Dangerous Work Conditions Have Become

If you type "Employee Injured" into a Google search, in just under a second, you'll get over 3 million results. This is an astounding number, and it demonstrates just how more and more common accidents are occurring in the workplace.

Being Vigilant is How We'll Get Negligent Employers to Change

For years and years, those of us committed to fighting for the rights of workers have asked the question "How do we get these negligent employers to finally get their act together?"

Use Caution While Traveling This Holiday Weekend

We're approaching one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. Thousands upon thousands of us will be driving to visit friends & family over the holidays, and with all of us on the roads, let's all be sure to show some extra care and concern when driving through construction zones.

Just Because It Was Unforeseen Doesn't Mean You're Rights Are Voided

In a story out of New York...an employee of a nail salon suffered injuries after the sidewalk outside her workplace collapsed beneath her. She was preparing to open up the nail salon when the unexpected happened.