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One Fall at Work Can Change Everything

We came across an unfortunate story in which a construction worker fell about 15 feet after the wall he was working on became unstable and collapsed. His injuries to his legs were severe...his left ankle was completely separated, he had fractured his right ankle, and had shattered his shin as well.

We Will Always Fight for the Rights of Our Clients

We at Loney and Schueller have over 30 years of combined experience specializing in workers' compensation. We know what it takes to ensure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve. We dedicate our energy...our time...and our knowledge to try and help alleviate the burdens that come with suffering a work-related injury.

Why Looking Short-Term is Only a Start

A recent settlement was just recently reached concerning a cellphone tower work who fell over 50 feet and suffered severe injuries. It was a long process, but the injured worker received close to $30 million in compensation for his life-altering injuries.

Some Risks are Easy to Spot...Some Not.

With any job, there are hazards...some are easy to spot...some, not-so-easy. We all notice the risks of a construction site...heavy machinery, moving beams, tall heights, etc., but what about the lifelong office worker who spends hours in front of their computer. Carpal Tunnel...eye strain...all of these are legitimate and possibly debilitating injuries that can affect one's ability to properly do their job.

When a Work Injury Keeps You From the Job You Were Meant to Do

Since we were little, we always had a fascination with the law...with doing what's right...with standing up for those that have been wronged. As we look back at it, this was the job we were "meant" to be doing.

An Employer's Past Safety Record Can Predict the Future

Over the weekend, an amusement park worker suffered injuries after he got pinned under the ride he was operating at the time. Officials are still trying to determine what exactly happened...but a look into the recent past shows that the company that runs the amusement park has a not-so-stellar work safety record.