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Some Risks Aren't Always Apparent

Workers whose jobs include working in a loud environment, using repetitive motion or handling toxic materials such as asbestos suffer a high rate of occupational disease and disabilities. If you work in Iowa, chances are your occupation-related disability will be covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Maintenance Worker Critically Injured After Pillar Collapse

During what was expected to be a routine repair on a water leak at a golf course, a maintenance worker was critically injured after a pillar nearby loosened and fell on him.

Fatal Accident on Iowa Wind Farm

They could almost be the new state bird of Iowa...the giant wind turbines you see when you head East...West...North...or South of Des Moines. More and more wind farms are appearing, and with the rush of getting the giant turbines in place, there is an increasing risk of accidents & work-related injuries.

Construction Worker Impaled While Working at Job Site

In a terrible accident, a construction worker in Chicago suffered a significant injury after his leg was impaled with a piece of rebar. The injury was so severe that they weren't able to remove the rod until after they transported him to the hospital.

When They Remodel Your Place of Work...

We have a friend who's office building is going through a very lengthy building remodel. He was telling us about this, and then he mentioned that everytime he's been walking into the building, his nose starts running, his voice feels scratchy, and his eyes water.

You Counted on Your Employer...So Where Did He Go?

Here's an unfortunate fact....you could be the best employee in the world. You're on time...you're efficient...you're skilled at what you do. Your employer loves you...you're the employee he wants everyone else to be like. 

How to Seek Compensation in a Wrongful Death Case

Pursuing compensation in a wrongful death case is about helping survivors and dependents of the deceased cope with and recover from the tragic loss of a loved one. Survivor and dependent benefits cannot replace a life and a spirit that has been lost forever.