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What Should You Do if Your Claim Has Been Denied?

If you suffered an injury at work in Iowa or have been diagnosed with an occupational disease or disability, you have the right to file for medical treatment and disability benefits through your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier.

It's Your Craft...Your Identity

In Colorado recently, a floorer won a $16 million lawsuit after he suffered severe injuries when an electrical box exploded. He had gone back to the electrical box to see why his tools had suddenly lost power...and when he touched the box, without warning, it exploded.

Maintenance Worker Critically Injured After Pillar Collapse

During what was expected to be a routine repair on a water leak at a golf course, a maintenance worker was critically injured after a pillar nearby loosened and fell on him.

Here's a Reminder We Didn't Expect on April 6th

Usually, a topic like this would be reserved for December...January...February...maybe March. Not April though...not April 6th However, this winter never wants to leave Central Iowa, so here's a quick reminder...if you're working in cold, icy, snowy conditions, take extra care.

Injured While Putting Up the Lights?

We're beginning the holiday season, and with the holidays comes many businesses getting in the holiday spirit by putting up festive holiday lights & decorations. With those increased worker responsibilities, comes increased risks.