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Slick and Muddy Conditions Increase Risk of Accident

During the past few days, all of us in Central Iowa were treated to, finally, some spring-like weather...and many landscaping businesses began revving up their gear to get ready for, hopefully, more good weather to come.

A Typical Safety Program is NOT Enough

You need to read this incredible study that was done proving just how dangerous working while fatigued, depressed, or stressed can be...especially if you're a woman. The article accurately explains that just a "typical safety program" will never be enough when it comes to maintaining a healthy, safe working environment. 

It Takes Less Than a Second to See How Dangerous Work Conditions Have Become

If you type "Employee Injured" into a Google search, in just under a second, you'll get over 3 million results. This is an astounding number, and it demonstrates just how more and more common accidents are occurring in the workplace.