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Injuries Sustained Due to Electrical Accidents Should Never Be Taken Lightly

Electrical accidents are the cause of 5-10% of traumatic work deaths, ranking fourth behind falls and punctures for workplace-related mortalities. 

Don't Settle a Truck Accident On Your Own!

Iowa is located in the heart of the nation and serves as the crossroads of America. Every day, thousands of tractor-trailers, delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles traverse our roads and highways.

Is That Shoulder Pain Work-Related?

A shoulder injury sustained while on the job can be caused in several ways. Whether by blunt force, strain or repetitive stress, the injury may have been noticed on the spot, after you went home or it has just gotten worse over the years and never fully healed.

One Google Search Shows an Abundance of Negligence

Go to Google...type in Aberdeen Bypass...click results for "news", and see the abundance of results that immediately appear. Each result references another injury that has occurred during the construction of this bypass.

New Construction, New Risks

According to a recent census, Des Moines is one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. On average, Des Moines welcomes 33 new residents each day. With all the new arrivals, more and more housing options are needed. It's becoming more and more common as you head west to see new housing developments and soon-to-be construction sites.