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Report Every Injury, No Matter the Severity

A worker was injured after she caught her finger in a machine she typically used at her job. It appeared at first glance that it was a significant injury, but after a bit, it was determined that it wasn't as severe as first thought.

All This Snow Makes for Risky Work Environments

They make it possible to get to work in the morning...they make it possible to get home...and we definitely thank all the snow crews that work day & night to make sure the roads are as safe as possible.

When the Unexpected Becomes a Reality

There are far too many employers who try and skirt proper safety measures at the workplace. We can't understand that...we can't figure out why someone would knowingly put another individual in a dangerous/risky situation.

What Should You Do if Your Claim Has Been Denied?

If you suffered an injury at work in Iowa or have been diagnosed with an occupational disease or disability, you have the right to file for medical treatment and disability benefits through your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier.

Looking Out for Cars...and the Stuff That Flies Off Them

When you work in/near roads, it's hard enough trying to safely perform your tasks while avoiding negligent drivers, but recently, an employee for a state transportation department was going about his job, when he was struck by a large chunk of ice that had flown off a passing truck.