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Employees Should NEVER Feel Bullied By Their Employer

It is every employee's right to pursue any or all benefits provided under the workers' compensation laws. If it can be proven that an employer has taken action in retaliation for the filing of a claim, the injured employee may want to consult with an attorney about filing a civil lawsuit.

How Does a Family Recover After a Fatal Work Accident?

Sad news from Altoona, as an employee working in a manufacturing facility was killed after being crushed in a machine. While his family mourns, an investigation begins on to what may have happened. 

A Pattern of Negligence is Never a Positive Sign

We suppose it "could" all be a coincidence...but when we see injuries continue to happen in a particular workplace, we can only wonder if the employer is really putting forth their best effort to maintain a safe work environment.

You Work Extra Hours....But at What Cost?

A recent work study found that those who work 40-49 hours a week are more at risk for an injury due to a work-related accident...and the risk continues to increase the more and more hours are spent on a job per week.