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It's Your Craft...Your Identity

In Colorado recently, a floorer won a $16 million lawsuit after he suffered severe injuries when an electrical box exploded. He had gone back to the electrical box to see why his tools had suddenly lost power...and when he touched the box, without warning, it exploded.

Too Many Employers Think That Denying Your Claim Will Quiet You

Cumulative or repetitive trauma injuries develop over time, and their origin may not be immediately recognizable or provable. But that is where our knowledge and experience serves you best.

Unspeakable Work Accident Leaves Families Searching for Answers

Near Chicago, two rail workers were going about their normal workday...prepping a line for a normal, routine track repair, when, without warning, a gas tank exploded...killing one employee and severely injuring the other. 

Construction Workers Face Risk When Operating on Unstable Platforms

A construction site is never short on possible risks to hard-working construction workers. From operating heavy machinery to even just walking around the construction site, workers must always be protected!