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Are you too distracted to drive?

Many of us don't think of ourselves as distracted drivers, but the reality is that we all do things that distract us from the road. Try to remember that driving is a major responsibility that you must take seriously. Since distractions are a major cause of car accidents, take some time to learn if you are unwittingly driving distracted so you can protect yourself.

Driving tips for a safe winter road trip

The winter season comes with multiple holidays that can require long-distance road trips for you to be with your family and friends. In Iowa, it also comes with poor weather and road conditions that make driving more hazardous. Even if you feel comfortable driving in snowy weather, it is smart to review these winter driving tips before embarking on your road trip so you have safe holiday travels full of good memories and not accidents and injuries.

Were You Properly Trained?

How many times do you have a task while at your job that you sort of know how to do, but never actually received proper training at the task. When your employer fails to properly train you and other employees, the risk of being injured while on the job signficantly increases.