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Struck By Injuries in the Workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

There are many hazards associated with working in construction, warehouses and manufacturing. Being “struck by” an object is one of the leading causes of on the job related injuries and worker deaths.

Struck by injuries may include being struck by heavy equipment or vehicles; being hit by falling or flying objects; or even being struck by collapsing walls.

Struck by injuries happen in various settings such as: factories where there are a lot of machinery with moving parts; warehouses where forklifts move inventory; construction sites with heavy machinery; and access points where vehicles and workers move about.

Fortunately, struck by accidents are largely preventable:

Drivers of vehicles can prevent many struck by injuries simply by looking behind the vehicle before backing while engaging a reverse alarm to alert other employees working in the area. If there are potential blind spots, having a second worker act as a spotter is key.

Before operating a forklift, it is important to receive the proper training. Employees should always drive slowly, without elevated loads, sounding alarm bells to warn workers on foot. When lifting or lowering loads, ensure that loads are secure and that other workers are outside of the immediate area to prevent being hit be falling objects.

When operating heavy equipment, it is important to erect barriers to prevent workers from entering a potentially dangerous area.

Workers can protect themselves by wearing bright clothing, wearing safety gear such as hardhats and reflective material. Using signage and proper lighting can alert others to the presence of workers.

Struck by injuries and fatalities represent a real hazard in the workplace and it is important to take steps to prevent injuries. When you or a family member is injured on the job, contact the Iowa work accident lawyers of Loney & Schueller LLC for immediate assistance today at 515-416-4006.