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Emergency Vehicle Personal Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

First responders such as firefighters, paramedics and police respond to emergencies as soon as possible knowing that minutes can save lives. In order to reach their destinations quickly, drivers of emergency vehicles often run red lights and drive in ways typically not permitted by law.

If a motorist hears sirens and/or sees warning lights of an approaching emergency vehicle, they are required to yield to the emergency vehicle by pulling over to the right side of the road where they will remain stopped until the emergency vehicle passes or police directs a motorist to proceed.

Although, more often than not, emergency responders and other motorists are able to safely maneuver around each other in an emergency, sometimes collisions occur when a car cannot move out of the way in time or does not respond in accordance with the law. Sometimes motorists strike other cars attempting to get out of the way resulting in injuries to others. While not as common, there are incidences where the driver of an emergency vehicle is at fault in an accident because they were driving recklessly when responding to a call.

If you are a motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian involved in an accident involving an emergency vehicle and you are injured, you may have a right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages or other damages following a car accident. Contact the West Des Moines Law Offices of Loney & Schueller LLC for help today if you or a family member is injured in an Iowa emergency vehicle car accident. We offer free consultations and there are no fees until we obtain compensation in a settlement or trial verdict.