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Pain and Suffering Damages in a Car Accident

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident at the hands of a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. You may also pursue damages for pain and suffering which covers a variety of negative effects that impair the quality of your life including damages for chronic pain, mental health impacts, an inability to perform or participate in activities, or a loss of relationships.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

Compensation for medical treatment is included in economic damages, but what about the pain an injured party suffers due to their injuries? Damages for pain and suffering provide additional compensation for the non-financial impact of physical pain – pain which can be long lasting or chronic following an accident.

Sometimes the aftermath of an injury accident can take a toll on mental health, especially if a victim is in constant pain, or the injuries sustained limit their physical abilities or alter their appearance. Damages for pain and suffering may include compensation for mental pain suffered by an injured party.

Severe injuries can interfere with an injured party’s ability to perform daily tasks such as caring for themselves or their home, which may result in the payment of damages under pain and suffering.

Injuries sustained in a car accident can also prevent an injured party form doing things they once enjoyed including recreational activities such as biking or traveling. Compensation for loss of enjoyment may be payable if someone is unable to do the things they once enjoyed.

While many car accident injury victims have supportive family and friends, the physical and mental effects of the injury can often make it difficult to maintain quality relationships at the same level as before. When relationships are negatively affected by an injury, damages for loss of companionship or consortium may be payable.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer for Help

Unlike damages for medical bills and lost wages which can easily be determined, damages for pain and suffering do not have a defined monetary value. It is important to work with an experienced attorney who will work with you to prepare evidence and testimony that demonstrates the full extent of your pain and suffering to ensure you receive maximum compensation in a settlement or trial. All cases are represented on a contingency fee basis, meaning no recovery, you pay no attorney’s fees. To get help, contact our Iowa personal injury car accident lawyers of Loney & Schueller LLC at 515-416-4006.