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Welder Burn Injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Types of Workers' Compensation

Welders run the risk of burn injury to the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light emitted from welding torches. Left untreated, flash burns or inflammation to the cornea can result in infections and, in serious cases, may cause loss of vision.

The symptoms of what many call ‘arc eye’ or ‘welders flash’ include pain after exposure to UV light, light sensitivity, bloodshot and/or watery eyes, blurred vision, and a feeling of a foreign object in the eye. If a welder believes they have sustained damage to their eyes, it is important t to seek medical attention promptly.

Treatment may include dressings, antibiotics, and other dye drops or ointments to relieve pain. It is important to follow up 24 to 48 hours after an arc eye injury to rule out more serious complications. Sometimes burns to the eyes are quite serious and require emergency medical attention. Certainly, worsening pain, glare, or blurriness require urgent care.

Eye injuries are one of the most common work related injuries in certain occupations including welding. To prevent welder flash or arc eye injuries workers should always protect the cornea from UV light by wearing specially coated safety goggles. Wearing a welders mask when welding is key.

When eye injuries occur in the workplace, workers’ compensation is payable. Generally coverage to a single eye is 140 weeks of Permanent Partial Disability benefits; 500 weeks for an injury to both eyes. However, many victims of eye injuries also experience other debilitating effects such as headaches dizziness, even post traumatic syndrome which, taken as a whole, might result in a claimants eye injury being assessed and compensated on the basis of industrial disability. Certainly, the risk of future problems after sustaining an eye injury may warrant payment of future medical care for an eye injury.

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