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These Employers Are Out of Excuses

Employees rely on the equipment they use for the job. When equipment fails...accidents happen...injuries happen.

Take a look at your workspace...what's outdated? What's outworn? What continues to be neglected?

All too often, important pieces of work equipment are in dire need of being updated...fixed...or replaced. Even when brought to the attention of employers, little is ever done to actually fix the problem.

"We'll get to it', "It's on the list", "We'll make a call". Those are common phrases an employer uses to keep stalling. He doesn't want to pay to have something fixed or replaced...it's a cost he doesn't want...he's just hoping nothing terrible happens.

That is OUT-OF-LINE thinking! Employers willing to be put their employees in harm's way just to save money is intolerable. No worker's safety/health should ever be jeopardized in order to save costs.

We at Loney & Schueller are dedicated to fighting for the injured worker. You have rights...rights that need to be exercised. You are owed full-compensation for the injuries you experience in the workplace, and Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to fight for you.

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