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Poorly Maintained Work Van Causes Work Accident

It is a must that employers make sure the equipment employees use is properly maintained and inspected.

Even the police report in this recent article mentions that the workers' injury was caused due to a poorly maintained piece of equipment.

A worker suffered broken bones in both feet after he was run over in a freak accident involving a poorly maintained delivery van, according to a police report.

According to the report, the 2007 delivery truck the workers used is "poorly maintained."

Its transmission does not go into park, so the driver has to use the parking brake to hold the truck in place, the report says.

But the parking brake release handle is also broken. As a result, drivers must use a metal wire to "pop" the brake pedal and disengage the brake, the report says.

"When they do this, they stand on the ground outside of the truck while lining it up," the report says.

"When the brake disengaged the truck began rolling downhill," the report says. "The [injured man] lost his balance and fell down. The front right tire of the truck rolled over his feet, breaking bones in both feet from the way it looked."

To knowingly let their employees use this van was negligent on the employer's part, and they are certainly liable.

The injured employee is certainly entitled to workers' compensation benefits, and should consult with an attorney to explore all of his options.

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Being injured while on the job is a tremendous burden...financially, emotionally, and physically. Let us help ease that burden. Allow us to help you with ensuring you get the compensation you fully deserve.

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