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Mail Carriers Face Risks During This Busy Season

We are in full swing of the holiday shopping season, and with the influx of packages arriving through the mail, UPS, & FedEx, it's a good reminder that mail carriers face many hidden dangers when it comes to being injured while on the job.

Carrying heavy mailbag & packages (which keep growing in size & weight) can put quite a strain on mail carriers' bodies, which can make it more likely for them to suffer an injury. 

Also, during this Winter season, while we haven't seen the "big" snow yet, trying to maneuver through dicey weather while carrying the mail can be very tricky...and risky. 

Plus, while this might seem a bit stereotypical, but mail carriers are also susceptible to dog bites...and with the colder Iowa weather coming on quick, mail carriers are at risk of slipping on icy sidewalks & pathways.

All of these injuries can fall under workers' compensation. Dog bites, falls while on the job, being struck in a company vehicle while performing a task related to your job...all qualify.

If you've suffered an injury while on the job, no matter the occupation, Eric, Randy, and Sarah are here to help. Visit our website, Loneylaw.com, or call us at 515-225-4485. We will go over your options with you, explore your rights, and fight for the compensation that you deserve. We won't stop until you get what you rightfully earned!

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