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Employer's Failure to Train Their Employees Results in Terrible Accident

Below is a report detailing how a hard-working employee was injured due to a lack of training and safety protocol.

An employee was using a pipe threading machine for cutting threads onto the ned of steel pipework...and had only used this machinery once prior to this accident.

While he was working, the hooded sweatshirt that he was wearing at the time, snagged in the jaws, and it pulled him...wrapping him around the pipe, and hindering his ability to breath properly.

He suffered severe injury to his arm...which required multiple surgeries, and left him unable to continue his professional career as a skilled laborer.

This is an incredibly unfortunate accident, and one that could have definitely been prevented. Where was the employer in this? Where were the safety measures to ensure that this employee wouldn't have suffered an injury like this?

Obviously, had the worker been properly trained, he would have known full well the dangers of wearing clothing that could become snagged. Now, if you're thinking, well, the employee should have known better than to wear that...think to yourself of all the times you've worn an article of clothing without knowing that could have become entangled in something.

The employer failed to provide this employee with the proper safety training to avoid an accident like this from occurring.

What's even more alarming is that this practice is all too common at the workplace. How many times have you been giving some new piece of equipment to use, and no other training than "Here, see what you can do with this." That's just not acceptable, and when that's the practice, more and more accidents will unfortunately happen.

Eric, Randy, and Sarah have over 30 years of experience dealing with cases just like yours. We fight tirelessly to ensure you receive proper compensation for all your injuries. If you've been injured at work, there comes with that not only the physical burden of being injured, but also the financial hardship of trying to pay medical bills, as well as the possibility of lost wages.

We will fight for you...fight to get compensation for your wages, medical bills, travel expenses for medical visits, and more. Sit down with Eric, Randy, and Sarah, and we will go over your claim, and together we will find a proper route to ensure you get your full & rightful compensation.

Give us a call at 515-225-4485 or visit us at We look forward to fighting for your rights.

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