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Did Your Job Trigger Your Heart Attack?

We live in a stress-filled world...and perhaps the most stress we'll feel is at the workplace. 

Deadlines...dealing with superiors...just the day-to-day grind that can take a heavy toll both on our mental and physical health.

What happens if you're at work...and you have a heart attack? Did your job cause the heart attack? Are you entitled to workers compensation benefits?

It might be difficult to prove, and employers will put forth a tremendous effort to try and prove that it was due to a pre-existing condition or your diet/overall healthy. However, there are instances, and instances we will fight for, that shows that your job was the reason for your heart attack.

It might have been due to an immense workload that created an incredible amount of stress...or maybe it was due to a physical labor that put your heart at a heightened level of activity.

If you suffer a heart attack at work, it's important that you explore this issue. Contact us at 515-225-4485 or visit us here at Loneylaw.com... and let Eric, Randy, and Sarah fight for you and your rights.

We've dedicated our professional lives to fighting for you...and we won't stop until you receive your full & rightful compensation! 

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