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Working With Chemical & Caustic Materials

Many workers are put at great risk when they have to deal with chemicals and other caustic materials.

Recently, an employee suffered burns and lacerations on their hands after a vessel containing hazardous chemicals exploded in his hands. 

As we all know, working with chemicals can be extremely hazardous, and when things go wrong, they can go wrong very quickly.

Proper safety measures must be implemented to ensure a worker's full safety, but even then, accidents such as the one mentioned above can still occur. 

If you work with caustic materials or chemicals, make sure your employer is doing his best to ensure you're protected on the job site. You have rights, and if you see something that might be putting you (or a fellow co-worker) in peril, it's best to report it to try and avoid an accident.

If an accident should occur, and you're injured, it's VERY important to remember that you have rights. Rights that have been enacted to ensure you are rightfully and fully compensated for the injuries you incur on a job site.

If you've been injured while on the job, try not to feel overwhelmed...let Eric, Randy, and Sarah help you. We will fight for you...fight for your rights...and fight to get your full & rightful compensation. 

Don't stay silent...call us at 515-225-4485. 

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