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Did You Know?

Here's a quick little "Did You Know" regarding questions we get regarding workers' compensation.

  • Medical care must be paid for by your employer if you get hurt on the job - whether or not you miss time from work.
  • You may be eligible to receive benefits even if you are a temporary or part-time worker.
  • You may be covered by workers' compensation as an employee even if you are called an "independent contractor."
  • You usually receive benefits no matter who was at fault for your job injury.
  • It's illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for having a job injury or for requesting workers' compensation benefits when you believe your injury was caused by your job.

If you have questions, call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485, or visit us at Loneylaw.com. We have over 30 years of combined experience involving workers' compensation cases, and we are ready to fight for you!

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