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State Fair Time Seems a Fitting Time For This Reminder

We'll all be heading out the Fair this weekend....looking forward to the corn dogs, apple eggrolls...of course, the lemonade, and everything else the Fair has year after year! 

Think of all the fried foods....all the employees working hard to make sure we get our deep-fried tasty treats...and all the grease fryers being used 12+ hours a day. 

With all that cooking, burns can happen...and happen quickly.

It's important to remember that burns like these can have lasting effects. From the initial pain to, perhaps, a long road to recover, these burns can leave both physical and emotional scars.

We have a friend who worked at the Fair about 15 years ago, and he still has a pretty bad scar from his short-lived afternoon of deep frying corn dogs. He said that the burn bothered him for a good two weeks...raw to the touch, stinging pain.

He never reported the injury because he thought it was just a "hazard of the job".

There should be no "hazards" on the job....and when accidents do happen, no matter the severity, you should report the injury. What he thought was a quick little burn ended up affecting him for the following two weeks.

Big or small...report the injury. 

If you've been hurt while on the job, call Eric, Randy, or Sarah. We'll make sure you're well taken care of...and we'll fight to ensure you're receiving your full and rightful compensation!

Call us today at 515-225-4485! We'll see you at the Fair!

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