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Fellow Employee's Mistake Causes Injury

On a job site, there are a lot of moving pieces...a lot of moving people. Even when all safety measures are taken, there still lies the uncertainty of human error. 

Recently, a construction worker was injured after his fellow employee failed to notice him still working in a trench, and the construction worker was hit with a heavy piece of equipment.

There was no ill-will between the employees....it was just a mistake...but a mistake, nonetheless, that led to an employee being injured and will require a rather lengthy recovery process.

When accidents like this happen on the job, don't be surprised when your boss thinks that clears them of all liability. It doesn't. In fact, quite the opposite.

If the accident isn't due to malice, the injured worker should receive his/her full and rightful compensation. While your boss might try and deny that...remember, you have rights...rights that we will always uphold.

We fight for you...we will continue to fight for you...and will do so until you've received the compensation that you are rightfully entitled to!

Call Eric, Randy, or Sarah at 515-225-4485, and let them take the time to over your claim with you, let them hear your concerns, and together we can explore all the possible actions.

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