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Failure to Secure a Loose Door Sends Hard-Working Employee to the Hospital

It's really pretty simple.

When employers cut corners and fail to uphold the necessary safety measures needed on a job site...accidents will happen.

Recently, a construction worker, who was regarded by his entire crew as one of the "hardest-working people they knew" was injured after an access door was left unsecured and a gust of wind blew it forward, pushing the employee into a steel beam and leaving him with life-altering injuries.

Was this injury a freak accident? Perhaps no one could envision a gust of wind pushing the door open...BUT, if proper safety measures had been implemented, the door would have been secured, thus ensuring no accident would have the chance of occurring.

When you are injured at work, make sure you know your rights. You can not assume that your employer will look out in your best interest. Most of the time, the employer will try and offer you a deal that seems appealing, but in fact, you will be getting short-changed, and not getting the compensation you fully deserve.

Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to help ensure that this does NOT happen. Call Loney & Schueller at 515-225-4485, and they will be happy to go over your claim with you and help determine the best action to be taken.

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