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In Honor of Labor Day

Labor Day is Monday...for many of us, we look at it at a 3-day weekend...maybe a BBQ...maybe shop some special sales at the stores. The working world, though, never stops, and there hundreds and thousands of hard-working individuals who will work all through the weekend to keep everything humming.

What is an occupational disease?

As an Iowa worker, you may have questions about what constitutes an occupational disease in our state. Section 85A.8 of the Iowa Code defines an occupational disease as one that arises during the course of your employment and is directly connected to your job. In addition, it must arise as the direct result of your exposure to one or more dangerous substances while at work.

Some Risks Aren't Always Apparent

Workers whose jobs include working in a loud environment, using repetitive motion or handling toxic materials such as asbestos suffer a high rate of occupational disease and disabilities. If you work in Iowa, chances are your occupation-related disability will be covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Maintenance Worker Critically Injured After Pillar Collapse

During what was expected to be a routine repair on a water leak at a golf course, a maintenance worker was critically injured after a pillar nearby loosened and fell on him.


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