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Why some employers do not take workers comp claims seriously

Some employers all but ignore their employees' workers' comp claims. Yet others take note of the claims but then resort to fear tactics or bullying tactics to get employees to drop their claims. For instance, an employer might tell an injured worker, "If you file this claim, we will have to let you go."

Why are some employers like this?

They see themselves as "in charge"

Many employers see themselves as holding all of the power and, furthermore, view employees as dispensable. This can be especially common in high-turnover industries such as senior citizen care and fast food. From the employers' view, an employee is easily replaceable the next day, so why not go ahead and disregard the compensation claim? Employers perceive employees as powerless and faceless or as ignorant of the law and of their rights.

They have been burned

Unfortunately, some employers may not take a workers' compensation claim seriously because other workers have misled them in the past, for example, faking an injury or exaggerating its seriousness.

They are naturally suspicious

Having been burned in the past or having a natural disposition for suspicion can also lead employers to doubt the truthfulness of a workers' compensation claim. It could even be that you belong to a race, gender or other class that your employer looks down on and discriminates against a lot.

They want to save money

A high number of workers' compensation claims can mean that the employer has to pay more for insurance. Perhaps your claim came at a bad time after many other claims, so the employer has financial motives for keeping it under the radar.

The injury is not seen as serious

You can get workers' compensation for many types of injuries, even those that the employer might not deem serious. Perhaps you had to be in visible and constant pain for the employer to feel inclined to approve a claim.

No matter what, employers have the duty to carefully and fairly consider each workers' compensation claim.



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