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June 2018 Archives

Construction Workers Face Situations Like This Far Too Often

There is certainly no shortage of new house construction happening here in Central Iowa. At all these construction sites, it is imperative that employers have implemented all the proper safety measures to ensure their employees' well-being.

Burn Injuries Can Have Devastating Long-Lasting Effects

Work-related burn injuries often leaving workers with permanent physical and emotional scars. Depending on how burns heal, a person's mobility may be permanently impaired. Burns are extremely painful and treatment of burns is expensive. 

One Fall at Work Can Change Everything

We came across an unfortunate story in which a construction worker fell about 15 feet after the wall he was working on became unstable and collapsed. His injuries to his legs were severe...his left ankle was completely separated, he had fractured his right ankle, and had shattered his shin as well.

Despite All the Efforts, Drivers Still Continue to Ignore Bicyclists

Unfortunately, despite thorough educational efforts across the nation, motor vehicle drivers continue to ignore the rights of bike riders. Even though bike riders have legally recognized rights to the road, they are still injured on a regular basis by careless drivers who simply disregard the rights of bikers.

Why some employers do not take workers comp claims seriously

Some employers all but ignore their employees' workers' comp claims. Yet others take note of the claims but then resort to fear tactics or bullying tactics to get employees to drop their claims. For instance, an employer might tell an injured worker, "If you file this claim, we will have to let you go."

Dealing With a Work-Related Injury...

A serious fracture to an arm or leg compound crush injury to a hand or foot or a severe muscle tear can result in a lifetime disability. If you suffered a fractured bone or crush injury in a workplace accident in Iowa, you are entitled to paid medical treatment provided by an approved workers' compensation doctor. You are also entitled to seek a settlement for temporary or permanent partial disability, including a possible lump sum payment.

"I'm Not Sure" is a TERRIBLE Answer

Sometime in the next day or two...casually bring up the company's workers' compensation policy with your employer. Ask them a question about it...and if their answer is along the lines of "I'm not sure", or "I'll have to look into it", well, you your employer might be a hopeless optimist who's idea of a safe day of work is "cross your fingers and hope nothing terrible happens."


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