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Pulling the Night Shift...

A study from Ireland looked back at the past 15 years, and they found those that work night shifts, shift workers, and new recruits are at a much higher risk of injury than those that don't work those hours.

What could be causing this? 

It could be how employers treat these shifts.  Employers simply don't treat night shifts the same way they treat "regular" shifts. At night there's usually less supervision...less training...and less overall regard to safety. 

If you've been injured while working a night shift...day shift...any shift...call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485. It's important for you to know that you have rights. These rights protect you in case the unfortunate should happen...and when it does happen, don't be surprised to see your employer has scattered away. 

We fight tirelessly for your rights. We won't stop until you receive your full and rightful compensation. Far too many times we hear from those that were injured at work saying "well, I didn't report the injury because I didn't want to create a problem at work." You aren't creating a problem...the problem is that you weren't properly protected from dangers in the workplace.

We look forward to fighting for you! 

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