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Is It a Coincidence...or a Pattern?

We suppose it "could" all be a coincidence...but when we see injuries continue to happen in a particular workplace, we can only wonder if the employer is really putting forth their best effort to maintain a safe work environment.

A recent article we came across laid out how a particular tire plant has seen a fair share of work-related injuries in the past year...some of these injuries being fatal. Within the past month, one employee has been killed while on the job, and one even more recent was scalded badly.

There can be many factors at play here, but we would love to see what sort of safety precautions the employer has put in place to ensure workers' well-being. Also, are these employees being properly trained before being put in these positions. Far too often, employers fail in that department, and end up putting untrained workers in situations that can prove to be quite harmful.

Every injury is significant...and every injury should be reported. We will fight for you ensure you receive your full and rightful compensation. Whether it be your only out of work for a few days...to possibly never being able to work again...we fight vigorously for your rights.

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