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How can waiters and waitresses afford a workers' comp attorney?

Many waiters and waitresses earn relatively low incomes despite working hard and long hours. They are at risk for many types of injuries, from slipping on the floor to getting hit by a patron to being cut by a knife or piece of glass. Wrist strain, back pain, foot pain and leg strain can also ail these professionals.

If you work as a waiter or waitress and want to seek workers' compensation, you may be wondering how in the world you can afford an attorney. The good news is that you should not have to pay anything.

How is it possible to not pay anything?

Workers' compensation attorneys tend to work on contingency, meaning that they get a percentage of your settlement. If it happens that there is no settlement in your favor, your lawyer receives nothing. There is really no risk on your side. It is all on the attorney's side.

This type of payment structure benefits both you and the law firm in several ways. On your side, you do not have to pay anything, and your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve are much higher when you pursue a case with legal help versus going it alone, even after the lawyer's percentage is taken out.

On the lawyers' side, they get cases that otherwise would not be pursued because clients could not afford their fees. The promise of a percentage of the settlement motivates them to work harder and more thoroughly, which benefits both them and their clients. They also have the knowledge and experience to seek additional avenues of compensation such as SSDI benefits.

So, if you are a waiter or waitress dealing with medical bills on top of reduced work hours or not being able to work at all due to an injury, paying attorney fees is the last thing you should have to worry about. Fortunately, you do not have to.

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