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Here's a Reminder We Didn't Expect on April 6th

Usually, a topic like this would be reserved for December...January...February...maybe March. Not April though...not April 6th However, this winter never wants to leave Central Iowa, so here's a quick reminder...if you're working in cold, icy, snowy conditions, take extra care.

We might look at the calendar and see it's April...but then step out the door and get a blast of winter in our faces. 

Employers might look at it the same way....it's Spring, they're thinking Spring, they're not thinking, "Hey, these conditions aren't the best...I need to ensure my employees have the proper safety measures in place". 

We've seen lots of research that when you're working outdoors in cold/adverse conditions, your risk of injury increases. 

If you have been hurt while at work, it's imperative you know your options and rights. An employer will try and do what they can to cut corners & costs...at your expense. No matter how valued of an employee you might be, they will try and make deals with you to accept less than what you're rightfully awarded.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485...we will go over your claim with you, and together, we will fight to ensure you get the proper compensation. We are strong believers in the employee's rights...YOUR rights!

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