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When a Work-Related Injury Forever Alters Your Life

Some work-related injuries are minor...minor in terms of how severe the injury was, how long the recovery was....however, there some injuries that will forever alter the way someone goes about their life.

There was recently a case in which an employee, after suffering a back injury while moving pallets around the warehouse. While the injury seemed minor at the time...over the passing months, the pain continued to linger...and eventually turned chronic. She found herself completely unable to return to the normal job duties that she had held before the injury. 

What's she to do now?

That's why, when factoring in proper compensation for a workers' injuries, it's imperative that you look long-term at how this injury will affect that workers' life.

An injury suffered at work that causes long-term (and sometimes life-long) problems is a major issue...and workers' compensation laws ensure that these long-term maladies are covered.

This worker was no longer able to work properly...costing her wages..her life forever altered...leading to higher medical bills. All of these factors MUST be considered when figuring out proper and rightful compensation.

If you've been injured at work...no matter the severity, make sure you know that you have rights....rights that we continue to fight for every day. Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485 and let us start fighting for you!


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