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We Can't Stress This Enough...Report EVERY Injury

When we're conversing with clients, one of the more common things we hear is "I wasn't even sure if I should have reported the injury."

We can't stress this enough...if you're injured while on the job...report...the...injury.

What you might think is just a minor injury can turn into something much more serious over the long run.

We hear from clients that many fellow employees have the feeling that if they report the injury they risk being fired. THAT CAN NOT BE THE CASE!

Too many employers feel that they can get away with skirting the rules by using intimidation techniques...at some times, even bullying an employee into not filing a claim. You have rights...rights that protect you in case an accident happens...rights that CAN NOT be taken away, despite what your employer tries to tell you.

We've dealt with far too many of these employers...and know the tricks they try to play in order to avoid any sort of litigation. We won't stand idly by and let that happen. We will fight for your rights...fight for the compensation you are rightfully owed! 

Again...no matter the injury...report it...and then talk to us. Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to fight for you. Call us at 515-225-4485.

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