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The dangers of working on a farm

If you work on an Iowa farm, you know it can be a difficult and grueling job. But while you know it may be a hard occupation at times, did you know it is particularly hazardous? According to the CDC, agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries. Farmworkers have a high likelihood of incurring nonfatal and fatal injuries.

How do farmers get hurt? Here is some important information regarding agricultural safety and hazards.

Surprising statistics

The CDC has some shocking facts about injuries and deaths in the agriculture industry:

  • Approximately 100 farmworkers suffer an injury resulting in time off work each day.
  • Fifty percent of crop-worker accidents resulted in strains and sprains from 2008 to 2010.
  • More than 400 agricultural workers died from workplace injuries in 2015.

This alarming information shows how prevalent hazards are on farms. 

Common causes of injuries

There are a variety of accidents that may occur in agricultural settings, including:

  • Tractor accidents: Transportation incidents are the leading cause of fatalities for farmworkers. Tractors may roll or run over you and crush you.
  • Chemical exposure: Working on a farm often requires you to use or come into contact with chemicals, such as pesticides, fertilizers, disinfectants and detergents. Using chemicals to treat produce, enhance soil or care for your livestock may result in injuries or illnesses.
  • Fall accidents: You may need to work with ladders, haymows or grain bins during your farmwork. If you fall off one of these structures, you can suffer a serious injury.
  • Trapped or suffocation accidents: In order to get work done on a farm, you may need to work with various grains, hay and other commodities. You may get trapped in a barn or silo or suffocate in a confined space. 

You can avoid these accidents more effectively if your employer takes necessary safety steps. If you get an injury working on a farm, talk to a workers' compensation lawyer.

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