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So Many Work-Related Injuries Have Permanent Effects

When you experience an injury while on the job, you sometimes think, alright, well, once this is healed up, I'll be back to work and good as new. However, far too often, these injuries can have permanent effects...effects that destroy one's ability to do their job properly ever again.

In a recent story, an employee was injured after his arm got dragged into a conveyor belt...what started as a 2-3 month recovery is now on month 24...and he still continues to feel pain and aggravation. Doctors now have told him that the injury may never fully heal, and now his plan of going back to his old job is no longer a possibility. 

What happens then?

This worker is now no longer able to work properly...costing him wages...his life forever altered...leading to higher medical bills. All of these factors MUST be considered when figuring out proper and rightful compensation.

If you have been hurt while at work, it's imperative you know your options and rights. An employer will try and do what they can to cut corners & costs...at your expense. No matter how valued of an employee you might be, they will try and make deals with you to accept less than what you're rightfully awarded.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485...we will go over your claim with you, and together, we will fight to ensure you get the proper compensation. We are strong believers in the employee's rights...YOUR rights!

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