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Dog attacks are not always targeted at people

As a dog person, the thought that your furry best friend or the neighbor’s friendly dog down the street could harm someone else is not a pleasant idea to think about. However, you also know that even the best-mannered dogs can be unpredictable, and there are some things that might set them off. You and other Iowa dog owners should understand the factors that can put some dogs on the offensive, as well as how to protect your own pets.

Many dog attacks come from animals the victims knew, such as the family dog or a friend’s pup. What might provoke your dog or another one to bite? The following points illustrate some of the most common situations that can cause an otherwise calm canine to snap:

  • Caring for puppies or not feeling well
  • Being protective of food or toys
  • Playing too aggressively
  • Being startled when resting or sleeping
  • Feeling frightened, nervous or aggressive around other dogs
  • Being uncertain or scared of new or unusual situations

As you might guess, your own dog could be in danger when confronted by another dog. Whether your dog is unfamiliar with the other one or either dog reacts with fear or aggression, a chance encounter with another dog can quickly turn disastrous. Your dog may suffer a serious injury in a fight with another one, or you could be hurt trying to separate them.

You may take steps to protect yourself and your dog by always keeping yours on a leash when you are on walks and by looking out for unleashed dogs in the area. If another dog seems aggressive or you know your dog does not react well around others, consider crossing the street, turning around or keeping your dog out of sight of the other one. Avoid acting nervous yourself, as your dog may pick up on your mood. Instead, remain calm and reassuring as you take the steps to avoid a confrontation.

When you understand dog behavior and are careful to keep your pet away from an uncertain situation, you may prevent injuries to both yourself and your furry friend.

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