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March 2018 Archives

So Many Work-Related Injuries Have Permanent Effects

When you experience an injury while on the job, you sometimes think, alright, well, once this is healed up, I'll be back to work and good as new. However, far too often, these injuries can have permanent effects...effects that destroy one's ability to do their job properly ever again.

When a Work-Related Injury Forever Alters Your Life

Some work-related injuries are minor...minor in terms of how severe the injury was, how long the recovery was....however, there some injuries that will forever alter the way someone goes about their life.

Working in Unsafe Conditions Should NEVER Happen

We've all seen the terrible pics and videos coming from Florida surrounding the pedestrian bridge collapse. It's absolutely awful, and it's, frankly, scary that such poorly-constructed bridges are being installed.

Dog attacks are not always targeted at people

As a dog person, the thought that your furry best friend or the neighbor’s friendly dog down the street could harm someone else is not a pleasant idea to think about. However, you also know that even the best-mannered dogs can be unpredictable, and there are some things that might set them off. You and other Iowa dog owners should understand the factors that can put some dogs on the offensive, as well as how to protect your own pets.

3 steps to take after a workplace injury

Suffering an injury on the job can be demoralizing and scary. If you do not receive compensation for your injuries, you may have a hard time making ends meet. According to Iowa law, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. However, the insurance company may try to pay you as little as possible. 

Do You Opt for an Open File or Lump Sum Payment?

If you have been approved for workers' compensation permanent partial or total disability cash payments following your work-related injury in Iowa, you will have two options for payments. You may receive a weekly check from the workers' comp insurance provider over a predetermined number of weeks, depending upon the nature and extent of disability. This is commonly referred to as an open file.

Construction workers at high risk for back injuries

If you are one of Iowa’s many construction workers, you are at high risk of suffering an on-the-job back injury. These work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as to your joints, tendons, muscles and/or nerves, occur more among construction workers than among all other types of workers combined.

The dangers of working on a farm

If you work on an Iowa farm, you know it can be a difficult and grueling job. But while you know it may be a hard occupation at times, did you know it is particularly hazardous? According to the CDC, agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries. Farmworkers have a high likelihood of incurring nonfatal and fatal injuries.

Slick and Muddy Conditions Increase Risk of Accident

During the past few days, all of us in Central Iowa were treated to, finally, some spring-like weather...and many landscaping businesses began revving up their gear to get ready for, hopefully, more good weather to come.


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