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The Word "Ensure"

The word ensure...what does it mean...what does it stand for...and do employers take it seriously?

Employers should be ensuring that they're doing everything they can to make your working environment a safe, comfortable place. That means that they should be implementing safety precautions & procedures that will minimize the risk of work-related accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, far too many employers think it's okay to do the bare minimum and just keep their fingers crossed that nothing terrible happens.

That's negligent...that's unjust...and that's not, well, fair. It's not fair to you, the hard-working employee, who busts your back trying to ensure you're working hard for the company, and hoping that they're working hard for you.

While your employer might fail to ensure your safety...we at Loney & Schueller will ensure that if you are hurt while on the job, we will pursue your rightful and maximum compensation.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485...let us fight for you...let us be in your corner...let us ensure that you have someone on your side. We will fight for your rights...and fight to ensure your compensation!

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