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On Your Feet All Day?

A short time ago, there was a strong trend for offices to try and implement the "standing desk". In an effort to keep their employees more active & healthy, there were studies showing that standing while working was more beneficial.

That may be the case, but a recent study has now shown that when you're on your feet all day, it can actually cause long-term pain in your lower back & limbs. Plus, you may also suffer from deteriorating mental reactiveness.

Of course, for the millions of hard-working employees who spend all day on their feet at their job, this doesn't come as a surprise at all.

Working all day on your feet will absolutely cause pain over the long-term...pain that many workers assume "just come with the job". Your job should NEVER be causing you pain or discomfort. If it is...something is wrong...something can be changed...and your health needs to immediately be a priority.

Are you suffering pain from working on your feet all day? Your employer might tell you it's "in your head", but that's just an awful attempt by them to try and persuade you not to pursue your rights!

You do have rights...rights worth fighting for...and we're ready to fight for you. Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485 and let us get working for you. 

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