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How Negligent Can an Employer Be?

How negligent can an employer be? It's a rhetorical question we suppose...but a real answer...is "EXTREMELY".

"High-Risk Violations"...

That's how an investigation referred to the issues that surrounded a work-related accident & injury. 

An employee at a crate manufacturer severely injured his hand after it got caught in the blades of a ripsaw. He had removed the dust hood to clean the machine, but the blades were still spinning.

Upon review of the worksite, there were no written lockout procedures in place regarding the machine...and that staff wasn't properly trained in handling the machine.

Here again, lies the question....how negligent can an employer be? 

No written directions...no training given...it's despicable. 

Too many times, business owners think they can skirt the rules...skirt the safety measures...in order to save money, and as we've mentioned before, just hope that the worst never happens.

When there's this level of negligence, unfortunately, the worst will happen, and when it does, you can trust Eric, Randy, and Sarah to fight for you and your rights. 

We have dealt with negligent employers time and time again, and will continue to do so until work safety measures are enhanced. In the meantime, we will fight to ensure you receive your full & rightful compensation. 

If you've suffered an on-the-job injury...call us...515-255-4485...don't fight this alone, let us be in your corner. We'll use our expertise & experience to get you what you rightfully deserve!

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