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How Much Compensation are You Owed?

We ran across an absolutely gut-wrenching article detailing a work-related injury. In it, an employee's leg was trapped in the blades of a trenching machine. Rescue workers were unable to free him, and doctors actually had to come and amputate his leg in order to free him from the machine.

That employee's life will forever be altered...affecting any future employment opportunities. To determine proper compensation, it's important to take future issues into account, but also, it's imperative to know what compensation you're owed in the short-term as well.

When it comes to a work-related injury involving the loss of a body part, we have this guide that we tend to look at first: 

Scheduled Body Members Weeks

Loss of thumb 60
Loss of first finger 35
Loss of second finger 30
Loss of third finger 25
Loss of fourth finger 20
Loss of hand 190
Loss of arm 250
Loss of great toe 40
Loss of any other toe 15
Loss of foot 150
Loss of leg 220
Loss of eye 140
Loss of hearing in one ear 50
Loss of hearing in both ears 175
Permanent disfigurement, face or head 150
Body as a whole/industrial disability 500

This is simply a guideline to follow, as there are still many other avenues to take to ensure you receive your rightful and full compensation. Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to help fight for your rights.

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